Here are some of the things we've heard from you.

We caught The Long Run's show at Borderline last night. "@%*##-in A" these guys nail it, every lick n' harmony. Henley look-alike, sound-alike. Awesome!
Dave from Calabasas, CA

Saw your acoustic concert with Bella Donna tonight in Thousand Oaks - love your new Don Henley. Your other Henley was good but this one is GREAT! Not only sings like Don but looks like him too! Best ever! Can't wait to see another show.
Shawn from Agoura Hills, CA

We saw your wonderful show last night at the Burbank Starlight Bowl. What a wonderful night of entertainment. We have seen other tribute groups but yours is absolutely the best. We have seen your concerts over the past few years but last night's Lighting, Sound, Performance and crowd was amazing. There must have been 4000 roaring fans there last night singing a long to a terrific band. Just cannot wait to see you again.
JIM from Santa Clarita, CA

My daughters and I saw you last night at The Candlelight Pavilion in Claremont! AMAZING! The crowd was going crazy for you all. People might say I'm biased (because I am related to Jim Wootten), but hey, I know excellent musicians when I hear them! Thank you for a beautiful evening with The Eagles.
Suzee from Claremont, CA

Attending your performance at Anthology in San Diego last night was my Father's Day gift from my wife and kids. Best gift I could have received. I'm a huge Eagles fan. It's amazing to have the Eagles experience without actually being at an Eagles concert. You sound so much like the real thing. I'll be seiing you again.
Marc from San Diego, CA

I wanted to send my thanks for a fantastic evening of entertainment. It was very special in such an intimate setting, and it was amazing to have Jack Tempchin there to share his stories and brilliance. You are each so talented-- it is a joy to watch you play.
Autumn from Los Angeles, CA

Saw you guys last night at the Coffee Gallery for the second time (last time in March). You've got a new fan forever! I figure if you're gonna' imitate one of the best bands ever, you better be good -- and you are indeed the ultimate compliment to the original! Thank you for keeping their music alive and out there for new generations to enjoy. Congratulations too for the special visit by Jack Tempchin - it was the most amazing feeling being in the audience and watching a legend perform. I can imagine how amazing it must have been for all of you. Carry on, and I'll be seeing you again for sure!
Naomi Conners from Pasadena, CA

With such attention to detail, and knowing how much work it takes to achieve perfection, watching these guys was nothing short of incredible. Their musicianship was outstanding but their harmonies were PERFECT. And that made for a truly memorable evening. "You guys are to the Eagles what the Fab Four did with the Beatles. Thanks again for all the work you did to get it to that level.
CB Floyd from Hollywood, CA

I was fortunate enough to see The Long Run play in Thousand Oaks last weekend. The more they played, the more impressed I became. I have been listening to The Eagles for 40 years and I would have noticed if they "missed a beat". They didn't. I have great respect for the way they have mastered their craft and the respect they gave to each song. A great experience! Thanks to each and every member of the band and crew, we went away extremely pleased and impressed. Great job, guys!!! Thanks for a fun evening!
Eagles Fan from from Winslow, AZ

Until I saw The Long Run this weekend, I thought of the Eagles as a background, if constant, presence on classic rock radio that I would never consider forking over 300 bucks to see. And, having no other tribute band experience, I figured that The Long Run might be a group of well-meaning fans who'd be lucky to tell their colitas from their elbows. But The Long Run had the audience from the beginning and never once took it for granted. I was amazed by the band's musicianship and tight multiple harmonies and, through its performance, have a new respect for the work of the Eagles. It was one of those experiences that I felt I was in the right place at the right time, and understood the value of an excellent tribute band. Not only did The Long Run deliver note-perfect renditions of Eagles' favorites, but they also did it with enthusiasm and love for the source material that was infectious. The band connected with the audience as only fans can, except that the people onstage had serious chops. Having often been disappointed by the sulky live performances of some of my favorite bands (The Pixies, White Stripes, and various incarnations of Black Sabbath broke my heart), I couldn't help but think that, aside from not seeing Henley, Frey, Walsh, and Co. in person (or as tiny figures on a stage a football field away, on my budget), I was seeing the better performance. After all, The Long Run played the music that connected with them both as fans and musicians. As an audience member, I often get antsy when listening to a deep cut or unfamiliar material; the agreement an audience makes with a band is that you have to take the familiar with the potentially-less-fun familiar. The Long Run took that awkwardness out of the equation. I like that I was five rows away, I like that each of the seven guys (most of whom were named Gary, for some reason) was clearly happy to be there, and I loved that The Long Run has inspired me to turn the radio way up the next time "Life in the Fast Lane" comes on.
Marty Barrett from from Los Angeles, CA

Saw the band perfom last night in Thousand Oaks. These guys are absolutely in the same harmonic groove as the Eagles, each specializing in their own mimmic of Frey, Henley, Walsh, et al. Superb listening enjoyment with a wicked lead guitar. Not one to lament the songs they didn't play (would have loved to hear their version of James Dean) but rejoiced in the thoroughly comprehensive presentation of Eagles fare. Even if you were never an Eagles fan, The Long Run is a treat for the ears! Hope they come back soon.
radpaulie from from Newbury Park, CA

You "ROCKED" last night out in Thousand Oaks! My husband and I really enjoyed the show! Looking forward to seeing you again up in Big Bear!! Thanks so much :)
Vicki Graham from from Torrance, CA

Just got back from the Thousand Oak and all I can say is WOW! You guys are impeccable musicians and your vocals/harmonies are spot on. I will definitely be seeing you again! Thank you for a stellar night of music.
Debbie Sanitate from from Simi Valley, CA

Put six impeccable musicians together who share a mutual love of a legendary band and what do you get? In the case of the fortunate San Diegans who braved the January 20th monsoon, you get an evening of Eagles music that is so well crafted and performed that closing your eyes would have made it nearly impossible to determine whether or not Glen Frey and Don Henley were actually somewhere onstage. If they come anywhere near your area do yourself a favor and grab a handful of music loving friends and a bunch of Bic lighters and get ready for an evening of stellar musicianship, spot-on singing, and group hug inducing songs.
Albert Adickes from from San Diego, CA

The Long Run was able to do what few bands can do in a fickle music town like San Diego, put butts in the seats! And to boot they did it on one of the rainiest nights in the town's history. We saw The Long Run play Jan. 20th @ Anthology Supper Club in down town San Diego to a packed house of, yes vintage aged Eagles fans. And let's be real they are a discerning bunch after all they grew up with this stuff and even if they never saw the Eagles in concert they sure heard and saw plenty of them on the radio or in the media. So did this 40 something crowd dig the vibes or were they desperado to get outta there? From my seat they all had that gleam of youth inn their eye, doing the chair dance and for one night they were living life in the fast lane again. What a kick! These boys are so tight and bring just enough of their own flavor to the music to make it feel fresh and down right contagious. If you see The Long Run is coming to area, rest up your voice (cause you'll sing yourself hoarse) buy a ticket and GO...guaranteed a good time!
Teri Jessa Jackman from from La Jolla, Ca

Who said we can't go back in time? Last night in Hermosillo we forgot wrinkles, aches, and bellies with your fantastic show. I felt like a teenager again, my children were there with me and became my buddies while enjoying the wonderful Eagles music. Oh, what a night!! You're doing something really great! I thought I would never listen these amazing songs live in a concert because the real Eagles never gave a live show here. Besides, I was never able to travel to any city in the US to attend a rock concert, like some of my friends did. My parents would never give me permission for that!!! So I really, really appreciate this effort... Thanks again!!!
Marlen Garcia from from Sonora, Mexico

Just got back into town from orlando doing the disney thing. They had a group there that was also a tribute band. They could not hold a candle to you guys. The music and harmonies were right on and the energy you guys had on stage was awesome.
Jeffery Mullikin from from Torrance, CA

Heard you on 7/18/2009 in Vernon Hills. You are fantastic! My favorite band is The Eagles. If I did'nt know you were a Tribute band, I would've thought you were The Eagles! That's how good you are! Are you playing anywhere else in the Chicagoland area anytime again? If you would please add me to your mailing list I would greatly appreciate it! I would really like to know where and when you will return to the Chicago area. Again, I think you were absolutely unbelievable! It made a perfect nite for many people. Especially me.
Pam Ori from from Gurnee, IL

excellent. they absolutely do the eagles justice. sang every hit. the crowd was really into the show. i would definitely see them again.
Anthony Barenzano from from Levittown. N.Y.

Oceanview Pavilion's Performing Arts Theatre by the Beach had the pleasure of hosting the incredible talented tribute band 'The Long Run' this past November. Seeing the Eagles live in concert years ago I felt I was back in the 70's once again. One needed to just close your eyes and you felt as though Don Felder was playing the Guitar right there on stage. The band was enthusiastically received by the large audience from the downbeat and then the magic began. It was 1970 all over again in Port Hueneme that night. The band interacted with the audience which made the performance one to remember. After the first song the audience was dancing in the aisles, singing and having a great time! 'Hotel California' was their grand finale and it brought the house down! The sound was amazing, the singing phenomenal. An act one must not miss. I plan on having them come back in 2009!
Sharon Kloeris from from the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA

The return of the Long Run to Big Bear was better than the first run. Once again an outstanding performance. The atmosphere of the outdoors and the music is a great combination. The best music and engergy awakes the sleepy mountain town. THANKS!
Lynne Baker from from Big Bear Lake, CA

Possibly the most enjoyable rock performance I've experienced. I've seen alot of live music, especially in the last 26 years in Las Vegas. Awesome work on guitars. Your sound quality was extraordinary! GREAT SHOW!!! I will definetly try to catch you again.
Linda Thomas from from Las Vegas, NV

You guys rock! I had a great time at the concert. I closed my eyes and it was the Eagles! (I was the one with the messed up foot and dancing)
Rosie from from Port Hueneme, CA

On behalf of the campus I would like to thank you for coming to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. You came to our campus on such short notice, with such vibrant energy, and gave such a great show that it helped ensure the success of our entire homecoming weekend. There was a cacophony of phenomenal reviews about the performance, and people enjoyed it so much that more than one asked for your contact information after the performance to thank you personally. We can only hope that we find ourselves in a position to bring you to our campus again in the future. It was a pleasure working with you.
Nancy Jensen, Director of Student Activities, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University from from Prescott, AZ

Great full sound, very tight, harmonies are spot on. If the Eagles were to call in sick, these guys could take their place and nobody would know. Check 'em out!!!
Christopher Colon, drummer for The Used Tireds from from Chino, CA

You guys Rock! I was blessed to see you guys play with my boyfriend on my birthday last month in Fawnskin. You made my birthday wonderful. We had so much fun singing along with your songs and danced to a few of them too. It is a night I will never forget. Thanks again guys... hope to see you again! Keep up the great work!
Dimples from from Big Bear Lake, CA

You guys rock! We had such a great time listening to you in Big Bear that I had to check to see where you were playing so we could see you again! Fantastic show..fantastic musicians and the vocals were outstanding!
Mary Ellen from from Santa Clarita, CA

The presentation in our outdoor amphitheater was absolutely terrific. The songs sounded just like the Eagles and the sold-out audience was up dancing all night. One of the best shows I have ever seen . Will definitely attend their next up here and have told friends what they missed.
Bob Hartunian from from Fawnskin, CA

The show had a great setting in the outdoor theatre in the middle of the forest on top of a mountain. The music was great and fun evening for everyone.
Lynne from from Big Bear Lake, CA

Linda from from Riverside, CA

Saw the Friday show and had to go back for the next night also. Tremendous show!!! Get back here soon. The energy and performance were great! Songs were righht on. A++++++
Ray Kenyon from from Bullhead City, AZ

Avid Eagles fan with a friend and we were blown away by the faithfullness of the sounds. We were joking that it would be funny to go up to the band and say they sounded just like the Eagles only to find it really was the Eagles. Great show.
Alan Adler from from Rolling Hills, CA

Thanks for another GREAT SHOW BOYS it's the best next thing to seeing The Eagles in Concert but, The Long Run played for 3 full hours and I sat front row and when I felt like dancing there was a dance floor too. So I guess it's better than going to a concert because, when i closed my eyes they sounded exactly like The Eagles. Thanks Again...
Terry from from Pico Rivera, CA

You are all consumate professionals while retaining an artistic edge of your own. You have made my day many times and I still can't get enough. I have to call out Gary Hagen as playing as if it were his last time...Dirty Laundry, yes....
Dark Star from from Redondo Beach, CA

We wait every year for the roster to come out for Labor Day and Memorial Day events for Hermosa Fiesta just hoping that The Long Run will be on it. We enjoy them sooooooooo much. I am just sorry we will miss them at this years event since we have moved to Florida. Hey maybe they will make it out here soon. Just a hint guys!! That would be awesome!!!
Art and Emily Mercado from from Ellenton Florida

For the Millennium, we saw the Eagles live at Staples Arena. We sat at the far end of the hall, so the visuals were lacking. Linda Ronstadt was the opener. Direct from Winslow Arizona, Jackson Brown was there too. In the early '70s, we saw Linda as the opening act for Neil Young at the Long Beach Arena. As we entered the arena through the tunnel, we could hear her beautiful, clear voice, accompanied by the most amazing sound we had ever heard - it was her backup band, then just going out on their own, as the Eagles. Last Saturday, we caught The Long Run at Harpers Bar & Grille in Northridge. The house was packed and everyone was having a great time. When the band hit the stage, it was deja vu all over again. Sitting dead center in the middle of the room, we could hear it all and see the guitar work that makes TLR the great band that it is. When they "turned it up a notch," the room began to ring with that same ethereal sound we had heard over 35 years ago. Who says you can't channel musicians who are still alive? Later, when Gary Hagen sang his solo version of "Desperado", it all came together again. With barebones accompaniment, Gary,s voice echoed off the back wall with all the pathos that the lyrics imply. Back at the bar, the noise continued at its own raucous level. Those at the bar heard nothing. Those who watched and listened heard a song that never fails to touch our heart. James Dean; if you are a New Kid in Town, staying at the Hotel California, feeling like a Victim of Love, Get Over It. One of These Nights, After the Thrill is Gone, take the Seven Bridges Road. In The City, Take It to the Limit, stop On the Border, then Get to The Heart of the Matter; enjoy the Peaceful Easy Feelin, and Take It Easy. I Can't Tell You Why. I'm Already Gone. Winning the free TLR t-shirt topped our night. Next time we are on a dark desert highway, we plan to wear it.
Jim McGillis from from Marina Del Rey, CA

You were great, I've seen The Eagles before and your band is pretty damn close to the real thing. Look forward to seeing you again hopefully you schedule more shows.
Terry from from Pico Rivera, CA

Unbelievable!!! I was so mesmerized by ALL you guys especially you Gary Hagen!!! I was so glad I got a chance to tell you after the show!!! That cowboy rocked it too!!! Every song of the night was PERFECT!!! We sang and danced and had the best time!!! One of the BEST concerts I have ever been to!!! I hope I will get a chance to see you guys again!!! Thanks for a GREAT night in Vegas!!! :o)
DEBIE WOODWARD from from Elk Grove, California

I'm a HUGE Eagles fan, and was totally blown away by your performance yesterday! I'm just sorry my husband wasn't there to enjoy your show, too! My friends told me about your band and they were with me yesterday. I look forward to seeing you again, and will be sure my husband is there, too! Just one suggestion: you may want to encourage the audience to dance; my friend and I were too shy, I think, :)
Beverly Toyama from from Los Angeles

What a fantastic show you guys put on, the music, the vocals and the energy made it a memorable experience. The Eagles have been my favorite band since I first heard them back in high school and have seen them in concert a few times. The concert you guys put on is amazing, if you didnt know any better you would think youre at an Eagles concert. Looking forward to seeing you again, cant wait!
Francisco Bustamante from from Upland, CA

In my many years as a music reviewer and and recordist, I've worked with so many talented individuals...The Long Run is simply THE BEST at what they do--making The Eagles music available in a magical and exciting way--wow, I was blown away, and you will be too! Long Beach Festival
Alvin Youngblood from from San Francisco

Saw you twice before AWESOME!!! Since I live in Camarillo, will be listening on the Octopus 95.9 (My favorite FM station) on Sept. 24th and can't wait to see you again on Sept. 30 in Ojai.
Bruce Bivens from from Camarillo

my calssmates and i were fortunate enough to interview "the Long Run" for our Music 15 class at UCSD. they were extremely helpful and passionate about their music and cause, they definately contribute to the community by trying to preserve great music and inspiring the youth of today to pursue their musical dreams. Our professor was extremely impressed with their performance of "witchy woman" and our class most definately enjoyed their music has they were singing along to some old memorable tunes =) thanx guys for all the help and putting on great performances =) hope to keep in touch
kim, pat,sara-jane and lorainne from from UCSD

We Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The music was great, Thanks again
Giuliana from from Torrance

Fabulous music, especially Hotel California, far exceeded my great expectations, for sure. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.
Henry Darma from from Los Angeles

You guys are fantastic. Was in the front row and it was like watching the Eagles.Saw you also last year in San Pedro and the Eagles twice in 2005. I also won your drawing at the end of the show. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for the great concerts!!!!
Bruce Bivens from from Camarillo, CA

not that there's anything wrong with The Eagles but i am more a fan of...The Long Run. thanks again for the music, the harmonies and the feeling that you guys are having fun playing music. i am looking forward to your next gig.
Kevin from from Torrance, CA

katie ready from from los angeles, ca

What a lovely show. The music & vocals were just beautiful, as always!
Kenny & Kita from from Santa Monica

The show was great as usual. Almost like having a front row seat at an Eagles concert. although I have never had a front row seat at one of their shows. The guitar work was amazing and the whole show really rocks. You guys are great...thanks,
ralph leclercq from from Palos Verdes Peninsula

I thought you guys were just great. Brought back my late 60's college days...minus the drugs. And was just as good without it....maybe better.
Joyce from from Redondo Beach, CA

I am an avid Eagles fan and you all sounded exactly like them...actually you all sounded better!!!! My hubby works at Jerry's Nugget and I will tell them to ask you all all rocked!!!!! Take Care!
Michelle Bloodworth from from Las Vegas, NV

Ohmygod it was a blast at Jerry's Nugget! So many good singers...
Rhonda from from North Las Vegas, NV

Okay, I've seen the Eagles tons of times and I had more fun seeing you guys jam. Sounded terrific, boys!
Dave T. from from Calabassas, CA

When can you guys come back?!!? I'm available!!!!
Erin Leighton from from Elko, NV