Biography: Gary Grantham

The Voice of Glenn Frey, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion and Harmonica

Gary Grantham performs

Born in California to musician parents William & Kay Grantham, Gig was raised on a steady and nourishing diet of vocal and instrumental music; opera & musical theatre, orchestral & chamber music, jazz & blues. "...growing up, most of the adults around me were artists and or arts educators - I was always being taken to the theatre, to plays and musicals, to the philharmonic, to jazz concerts... it was a great night-life for a young kid. And there were always people coming over to rehearse things, to sing, play and harmonize. To this day having people over to my house to make music feels as right as anything."

In 1987 Gig and childhood friend Larry Poindexter met in a rented rehearsal room and had a casual jam session with their buddy Jon Lindstrom (on drums). This eventually led to the formation of the five-piece, roots-rock band Johnny Socko who, after several years of playing the Southern California circuit ["... every club and backyard that would have us."], would find themselves signing a three-album recording contract, changing their name to The High Lonesome and releasing their first record in 1995. Notable publications such as Billboard, Music Row, Gavin and Hits magazines gave the album, entitled Feel Free To Do So, great reviews and the band's first single "True Believer" became a staple of the Americana charts and a favorite on radio stations all over the country. "Of course I remember that jam session with Larry and Jon; the room had one bare light bulb, one crappy microphone and I think we played the same original song for two hours straight. But, that night planted the seed that would one day sprout into The High Lonesome, a band that wrote and played melodic, guitar-driven rock n' roll with rich vocal harmony. I couldn't have asked for a better prep school for taking on the music of the Eagles."

When not performing with The Long Run Gig might be caught moonlighting with Blue Bayou, The Tribute to Linda Ronstadt, serving as percussionist with the CSN&Y tribute 4-Way Street, performing as drummer in the fully-improvised musical "U-sical; A Musical about You!" for Comedy Sportz Los Angeles or cleaning up behind his eleven animals.

"I can't escape my early musical influences - they inform everything I write, everything I play and the way I play it. I've made peace with this, and now I like it that way."