Biography: Chris Varosy

The Voice of Joe Walsh, Keyboards and Guitar

Chris Varosy performs

Chris Varosy, keyboards, is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and natural music collaborator. The Venice Beach native has been a working musician since the 10th grade, when he held down a regular piano gig at a dinner club in West Germany. Chris cofounded the veteran prog-rock quartet Talismen while attending UCLA, manning the keyboards, bass and sometimes both at once. "We endured harsh conditions, hostile fraternity parties and Hollywood dive clubs under the guise of a cover band, always managing to work our original material in. Nobody complained, and we gradually built a following and eliminated the covers." After a brief stint on bass with The Brother Jones in San Francisco, Chris tapped ex-Talismen guitarist Matt Kropp to form 3-piece hard rock trio Ultrawide, which rocked dozens of venues in Los Angeles. Their CD release "Thin Lines" continues to sell online, anchored by staple garage rock anthem "Assumptions" and more. Though Ultrawide is no longer a gigging band, Chris continues to write, record and release new material under the name.

In 2002, Chris met TLR bandmate Gary Grantham at Kulak's Woodshed. Gary was running a regular acoustic night there, and invited Chris to perform a set of originals on guitar. This encounter turned into a bass audition for The Long Run, and Chris was hired. They performed with this lineup all over California, Nevada and Arizona, when the death of their bandmate and jazz/fusion virtuoso Michael Hakes called for soul-searching changes. "We had just returned from an invigorating set of shows in Vegas with Michael, and then he was gone. We were heartbroken."

The band had heard through the grapevine that respected tribute bassist Jim Wootten was looking to form an Eagles tribute. He had a key voice that was missing -- one sweet and high enough to sing the Timothy B. Schmit and Randy Meisner parts. After Jim indicated that he was interested in joining The Long Run, Chris decided to make the switch to keyboards to make room for him. "Having played bass on all these songs gave me an additional dimension through which to approach them on keyboards," said Chris.

When he's not out with The Long Run, Chris is writing and recording original material under the name Ultrawide. The songs center around hard rock, but reflect a diverse set of influences and gravitate toward vocal harmony. He also plays out occasionally with TV star and talented songwriter Bill Mumy.

Reflecting on his tenure in The Long Run: "It's been a privilege to work with these top-notch musicians. I've learned a ton and have had excellent opportunities to make some beautiful noise in terrific venues with them."